Explorations: iPhone Photography

Before recently, I never put much thought or effort into serious photography with my iPhone. It was good for snapshots and nothing more. But as I open my eyes to more unique and nuanced styles of photography, I find myself interested in the photographic capabilities of the iPhone and it’s contemporaries. 

I had the idea to stage a scene between the Hermes & David busts that I’ve been obsessed with lately, set against a backdrop of iridescent blue cellophane. I wanted to add a layer of abstraction to what I was doing, so I used a prism to distort and manipulate the images. 

Figuring out the quirks of the prism the biggest hurdle. I used it on three or four separate occasions but was still never quite sure what I was going to get. 

I just played around a lot until I got something that I was happy with. Looking over the images in post, I noticed I gravitated towards a diagonal division created by the prism, which you can see in the photos above.

The prism is really good for creating interesting and dramatic images. I think creating these images in camera instead of in photoshop adds to the uniqueness and it impresses people when you ask how they were made.

People initially assumed they were overlays created in photoshop which is probably the most logical assumption, so it’s fun to describe the quirks of the process for them. For now I’m not sure how to really take advantage of the prism’s properties, but it’s an accessory worth trying out if you’re interested in abstraction.

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